Your suspension system does more than make your ride smoother! In fact, it's a key component of driving safety, and without it your tyres and brakes won't work as well.

Your car's suspension system allows you to ride relatively undisturbed while travelling over rough roads. It also allows your vehicle to corner with minimum roll or sway, stop with a minimum of brake dive, and accelerate with a minimum of acceleration squat. This dynamic control keeps the tyres in contact with the road.

The components of your car's suspension system perform six basic functions:

  1. Maintain correct vehicle ride height

  2. Reduce the effect of shock forces

  3. Maintain correct wheel alignment

  4. Support vehicle weight

  5. Keep the tyres in contact with the road

  6. Control the vehicle's direction of travel


However, to ensure this happens, all of the suspension components, both front and rear, must be in good working condition.