The brakes are essential to ensure the safety of both drivers and passengers. Therefore, taking care of your parts is never too much. Brake pads, for example, need maintenance because they lose lubricants and thus lose their functionality.


The review that should be done is periodic, and goes according to the time set by the manufacturers. One clue that your brake is in trouble is the brake noise. Noise indicates that the insert is extremely thin, in which case it needs to be replaced.


However, the amounts spent on this maintenance can be reduced if the driver always checks, even before realizing that the brake pad is worn. Be aware of the brake light level on the panel. When the pellet is worn, the oil is below the normal level. It is not recommended for the driver to let the oil go down, as this will further accelerate the wear on the pads.



Other ways to preserve the brake of your vehicle is to ensure that the tire calibration is always correct. The rubber in the cover of the brake oil reservoir must also always be in perfect condition to prevent the infiltration of moisture.