The A1 CAR SERVICE was inaugurated in October 2012 with the aim of being the best mechanic in the industry for fans of premium vehicles.

Our goal has always been to generate a sense of creativity and entrepreneurship, and to be more than just a mechanic and shop for auto parts and accessories.

All members of our team are car enthusiasts and have years of experience in the field. So they are able to give you the best tips on repairs and restorations. Visit our space today and talk to a member of our team to learn more about what we can offer.

Fruit of Adriano Elmor's childhood passion for sports cars and his dream of owning his own business. With a professional career started at the age of 19 in the automotive segment, Adriano toured dealerships such as Audi, BMW and VolksWagen. At the age of 25, he had become a post-sales manager for the premium segment, accumulating know-how and a captive and exclusive clientele.

With an experience of more than two decades in the sector and feeling the need of the market for the provision of quality services for automobiles of the segment, the A1 is created. Today with a structure of 2,000 square meters focused on the AAA segment and an imposing tooling apparatus, with modern and efficient equipment the A1 fully serves its customers offering maintenance services, repair, beautification and optimization of engine performance.

The zeal for quality is in every detail: elevators suitable for sports cars, painting laboratory that meets the European standards and trends of quality and environmental protection, drying cabinets and paint used by Formula 1 teams, highly trained staff and periodically updated , 3D repair tables, parts repair and aluminum structures.

The A1 guarantees quality, speed and exclusive service to its public.


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